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Multiple Myeloma Blog

Multiple Myeloma Blog

Still A Few Bad Nights As I Continue To Recover Quickly...

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 07:21 AM PDT

A number of my readers are always asking for more pictures.  Why not?

Here a a shot of me and Nature Coast Multiple Myeloma Support Group Leader Dianne Terry. 

Dianne is a tireless caregiver to her husband, Herb.  This was one of my first public appearances since returning home from my auto SCT.

As you can see, I'm "hairless," a bit gaunt and so tired I can barely keep my eyes open.

But you can tell I was happy to be back together with my myeloma friends again.

I was even wearing a burgandy shirt, writst band and IMF ball cap.  What a team player! 

In three weeks I will be taking my first trip post-transplant.  Pattie and I will be flying up-north to speak to myeloma support groups in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and Stillwater, Minnesota.

I'm excited about the trip, but a bit concerned our travel itinerary is a bit over scheduled.

I felt that way, even before last night.  Following three positive days where I felt pretty good, last night was a brutal reminder of what I experienced last month.

I woke up around 3 am with my stomach in knots.  I could literally hear and feel the stomach acid shooting out into my gut!  I was able to avoid throwing-up by taking a full dose of Ativan I had left over from my earlier days of nearly constant nausea.  YUCK!

I lost about an hours sleep, but thanks to the Ativan--and a few trips to the toilet--I was able to fall asleep in our guest bedroom, propped-up like one of those actors in the antacid commercials who try to sleep among piles of blankets and pillows.  Standing-up would have been even better--if I were a horse!

I don't know about you, but I find it difficult to sleep sitting up.  But I must admit the drugs help...

In the grand scheme of things, last night was only a small blip on the radar screen.  The hardest part was dealing with the memories of my inpatient transplant experience, which all came flooding back like the waves of nausea I was experiencing last night--and experienced back then.

What selective memories we have!  I had already forgotten what that felt like.  And I will tell you this:  I don't want to feel like that again!

It's unclear what triggered my gastric episode.  I do know that last night was the second night where I hadn't taken any medication prior to my evening meal.  I won't make that mistake again tonight!

I woke-up feeling a bit rough.  But a light breakfast and quick walk with our dog and I'm back on track.  And maybe a short nap later isn't a bad idea.

All in all, it's hard to complain.  I'm just glad the sun is up--and that I'm around to see it!

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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